About Us

Samunnati, is a company focused on agri value chains, aims to enhance the value of all players across the value chain by providing financial intermediation, market linkages and advisory services. Samunnati stands for Inclusive Growth and works with a belief that for a value chain to work well, all the chain actors need have access to formal financial instruments customized to suit the requirements of the Value Chain as well as the stakeholders operating within - thereby making the value chains operate at a higher equilibrium.

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What We Do

Enhancing the value of all players across the agriculture value chain by providing financial intermediation, aggregation, market linkages and advisory Services


In other usual forms of agri finance, whether internal financing within the value chain, such as traditional trader credit, or financing originating externally, such as banking finance, MFI lending

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Small farmers often struggle to sustain income because they lack scale and knowledge. There is a need to develop strategies that aggregate information, knowledge, and products in ways that prepare farmers to compete and adapt in a fast-changing marketplace.

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Market Linkages

Through market linkage Samunnati facilitates connectivity between the players in the value chain finance.There are a wide range of challenges such as Access to Information, Information Asymmetry, Lack of Collaterals, Agriculture specific risks, that agri-value chains face.

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Advisory Services

Sammunati offers a wide range of professional and personal advisory services to the players in the agri value chain finance. Our experts advice and provide assistance on aspects ranging from Growth of Business to Farming Techniques.

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