Technology led approach

At the heart of Samunnati‘s operations lies technology enabled efficient process work flows. Its technological innovations include the application of mobile based information and communication technologies and improved management information systems to accommodate tailored financial services – all of which have made value chain finance feasible for Samunnati. Samunnati uses the latest technology to ensure not only transaction convenience for clients but also for implementation of best in class client protection principles. Analytics layered on the technology helps to sharpen focus on client relevant products.

At the front end, state of the art mobile technology is used to capture customer information. The front end modules are well designed to optimize the time engaged in generating credit applications, by automating the application processing, cutting unnecessary steps and gathering only the required and useful information from the applicant’s data.

The backend loan processing module covers the complete lending process from application submission to loan disbursement. The platform provides the flexibility of customizing dedicated modules for each user. It allows hosting multiple credit scoring models and supports for a variety of reports without manual intervention to aid better Portfolio management. It also provides the ability to seamlessly integrate with multiple frontend solutions using its APIs and Web Services.