Our Locations

Within the geographies that Samunnati operates in, sectors for focus are identified based on the dominant activity (crop, products or services) that are the primary drivers of the economy of the local geography and the involvement of enterprises and households in those areas. While branches are set up across rural as well as urban locations across the area, these are points of high impact (PHI‘s ), focused on one or more set of stakeholders.

Tamil Nadu
Samunnati has 10 branches in Thiruvannamalai, Krishnagiri and Vellore region that helps us network with our potential customers. All the branches are Points of High Impact (PHIs) presently focussed on Dairy Value Chain, Tiny Agri Business Loan (TABL) & Small Agri Business Loan (SABL) products.

Andhra Pradesh
Samunnati has operations in Chitoor district where it has set up 3 Points of High Impact (PHIs) focussing on Dairy Value Chain and offering similar products as in TN region. Apart from this, Samunnati is also exploring partnerships with FPOs and Co-operative societies to offer products and services to various players engaged in agriculture supply chains.

Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh
Samunnati explores routes through Farmer Producer Organizations for rendering its services to prospective customers and prospective markets in Gujarat. At Madhya Pradesh, Samunnati looks to benefit the players in the agro value chain by educating them and providing services at economic and social dimension. Samunnati has offices in Ahmedabad & Bhopal and will expanding the network in the upcoming months.