Santhavasal – A Point of High Impact

Samunnati’s first Branch—Santhavasal, is a “Point of High Impact” (PHI). Santhavasal is located around 55.5 kilometer away from its district head quarter Tiruvannamalai. The other nearest district head quarters is vellore situated at 32.9 KM distance from Santhavasal . Surrounding districts from Santhavasal are Vellore, Kanchipuram and Chitoor.

Santhavasal’s branch service area roughly includes 200 villages with an overall population of 1,25,000. There are 5 major Milk Chilling Plants located in the service area with an overall capacity of 1.44 lakh litres of milk every day. This is 10% of the overall milk chilling capacity of Tiruvannamalai district. The utilization rates of the milk chilling plants average around 60%. In addition to the milk chilling plants there are 5 khova (a milk sweet also known as khoya) plants which consume around 4500 litres of milk a day. Around 900 milk aggregators (in the branch service area) on a daily basis purchase and aggregate milk from individual farmers and small dairy owners. Some 65 milk transporters collect milk cans from aggregators and supply it to the chilling units and the khova plants, twice a day.

Samunnati, through its catalytic interventions in dairy farming, milk automation and measurement systems, network of transporters and bulk milk chilling plants, will strengthen the milk value chain in Santhavasal branch service area and take it to a higher equilibrium than what it currently operates.