Holistic approach – Samunnati’s CBO Engagement Strategy

Samunnati strongly believes in “Inclusive growth and creating opportunities”. To promote CBO model, Samunnati has adopted “4Es” method.

  • Enabling capacities of Farmers, CBOs and promoters.
  • Establishing centers for excellence in Agriculture and allied activities.
  • Empowering CBOs with aggregation, market linkages & advisory services.
  • Enhancing productivity & income through customized solutions.

Instead of creating parallel structures, Samunnati is strengthening the existing value chains to enable them to perform at a higher equilibrium. Farmers being at the bottom of the value chain play a critical role in performance of other players in the system. By understanding the core issues and needs of CBOs, Samunnati has designed “AMLA approach” to effectively reach out to the producers.



Samunnati is and intends to work with CBOs and its members in assisting them either to establish “Agri input shops” or to increase their bargaining power, collectively. All the inputs like agri machineries, seeds, manures/fertilizers, botanical extracts/pesticides, irrigation tools and harvesting machineries could be made available to farmers at a reduced cost or on a rental basis. For collaborations with input suppliers to ensure bulk sourcing, Samunnati aims to prepare a blue print on input (Knowledge) management and offer technological services like offering software’s for member management, demand aggregation and output purchase management.

Market Linkage

Increased technical and financial capacities of CBOs in turn benefit its members in getting relatively better price for their produce. Samunnati is working with CBOs to establish links with both domestic and international markets. The infrastructure support may allow CBOs to construct warehouse, establish process units to store and process the agri produce to get increased gratification. Linking the buyers with sellers across the country is another (Both online and offline) market linkage solution which certainly enables different value chains to work at a higher equilibrium.

Advisory Services

Samunnati intends to offer wide array of services to the CBOs and its promoters like; situation analysis, capacity building programs, business plan, compliance, governance, financial literacy, access to entitlements, disaster preparedness, exposures, convergence, leveraging, visibility, testimonials, customized POPs, watershed management & networks, irrigation options and in establishing centers for excellence. These centers for excellence give space for CBOs and partners to learn and adopt modern agricultural technologies and practices through research, extension and education activities. Also, these centers can be used to demonstrate new varieties and cropping mechanisms before recommending it for field level adoptions.

CBO Engagement

The exclusivity of Samunnati is its advanced “integrated model” to address the issues of CBOs and its members. The financial, co-financial and non-financial services are thoroughly planned and flexibly designed to customize to the needs of CBOs located in different geographies with diversified needs. The financial services are customized for a period as low as 5 days to as big as 5 years & credit amount varies from INR 10,000 to INR 20 million.


Innovative Solutions