The idea of Sarva Seva Samunnati farms as centre for agriculture & allied activities is to establish innovative farms (Across the operational areas of Samunnati in India) which excel in demonstrating best agricultural technologies & practices and motivate farmers and other value chain partners to adopt such periodically tested and proven models to outperform both in terms of production and income.

The centre also facilitates students, rural youth, agricultural universities, newly recruited bankers, government servants, farming groups, FPOs to undergo village immersion programs with residential facilities. CSEs disseminate and exchange information, research, data, knowledge and expertise through periodical release of articles, publications and editorials.


  • To establish centres to excel in delivering better results through innovation and research on modern technologies and practices in the field of agriculture and allied sectors.
  • To assist Samunnati customers with an end to end service model through assured results and outcome.
  • To periodically organize on-farm training and education programs to develop Agricultural extension workers to disseminate the knowledge to the farmers’ fields.
  • To create a platform for the local stakeholders and progressive farmers to reach out to the larger community.
  • To influence the policy makers to replicate such centres across the country to benefit the society at large.

Sarva Seva Samunnati farms – Pooriyampakkam

The centre in Pooriyampakkam is a collaborative initiative with ASSEFA. It is a 26 hectare campus with a 10 hectare space to take up (agriculture and allied activities) demonstrations and experiments. The centre has a training and residential facility (Up to 60 people). Dairy value chain is a fully established initiative starting from calf to curd including full-fledged milk processing unit. More than 2000 farmers are drawing benefits from this farm and this centre has a well established school with over 700 children getting education for free of cost along with primary (free) medical care.

ASSEFA is a development organization with 5 decades of experience in the field of community development. They work with marginal families (More particularly women folk) who practice Agriculture and allied activities as primary livelihood. ASSEFA is visioning towards economic elevation and sustainable development.