AMLA approach

In a typical finance model, be it internal financing (traditional trader credit, etc) or finance originating externally (banking finance, MFI lending, etc) information asymmetry is inevitable which poses a major threat.

Samunnati judiciously follows the AMLA (Aggregation, Market Linkage, Advisory Services) approach. Samunnati believes in leveraging the relationship with different aggregators (CBOs, FPOs) to engage with a greater customer base and tap untapped opportunities. Market linkage on the other hand enables different value chain players to obtain better prices for their produce and hence benefit from economies of scale. Samunnati mostly leverages on the relationship strength, and believes in long term business rather than just a transaction. Going one step further from only providing financial solutions to providing them with services that can be used in a longer run and customizing these services to suit the needs of the customer is what Samunnati believes in.


Samunnati follows a cash-free approach that uses the best of available technology to serve the value chain actors in the most cost effective and convenient way