Financial Services

Though solutions like aggregation of the demand for agricultural inputs, produce, efforts at market linkage with processors and retailers and financial interventions have all existed, there is need to integrate them through a comprehensive and close look at the value chain as a whole and working with the farmers as the focus. Being close enough to the value chain to understand its workings, and identifying and bridging gaps in resources (knowledge, finance, or infrastructure) through timely and relevant financial and advisory interventions is what Samunnati calls the Value Chain Approach for Inclusive Growth

Value Chain Model

Customize solutions based on deeper penetration in the value chain, Samunnati helps in expanding the avenues for finance in the Agri and allied activity space. Through financial, Non-Financial and Co-Financial solutions to the value chain players, Samunnati enables them to work at a higher equilibrium thereby strengthening the value chain. Samunnatis’ model helps identify value chain gaps, suggest tailormade solutions, verify and mitigate risks and through effective technologically aided processes, resulting inimproved quality and efficiency of these value chains.

The value chain finance model that encompasses select agricultural value chains, provides affordable finance for and advisory services to the players.Samunnatis’ approach of value chain finance has an edge over the traditional methods of assessment, as it provides speedy services, is highly scalable and non-linear in terms of growth.

How we do business

Core components of our business:

  • Unique Business Model
    • Commitment to the B 2 B 2 C
    • Underwrite on the strength of the transactions in addition to the strength of the borrowers
    • Building and enabling key partnerships
    • DAS is non-negotiable (by applying deduction at source to mitigate the risks of both players)
  • Innovative structures that help produce customized solutions
  • Scalable non-linear
  • Agility and Speed of Delivery
  • Passionate people acting with integrity
  • Continually build capacities and capabilities for customers & Samunnati team
  • Take calculated risks